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Ulrich Rüdiger

Rector of RWTH Aachen University

Dear Conference Participants,

I am very pleased and honored that we succeeded in bringing this year’s conference of the German-Korean Alumni Network – the "10th Joint Korean-German Conference", titled "Engineering for our Future!", to Aachen. There are many interesting parallels between the recent history of South Korea and that of Germany: both countries experienced separation into two states. In the 1950s and 60s, both countries experienced an unprecedented economic boom. And, for quite some time now, both countries have been among the leading nations in research and development. It is hardly surprising, then, that both our countries are confronted with similar challenges: an increasingly aging society, the digital revolution at the workplace, the necessity of environmental protection and sustainability as well as the development of environmentally-friendly mobility, just to name a few examples.

We are all aware that many of the challenges confronting us today can only be solved through collaboration and joint research ventures. For this reason, it is more important than ever that researchers from all over the world join forces to develop and implement new solutions. Alumni who have studied abroad are important actors in the dialogue between cultures, as they have complemented their understanding of their own culture with an understanding of the culture of their host country. They form an important bridge of understanding which brings us closer together.

With this in mind, the ADeKo conference is an important element in strengthening the relationship between Korea and Germany. I am very proud that RWTH Aachen University has played a major part in organizing this conference, and I would like to warmly welcome all conference attendees to Aachen and to RWTH. I am looking forward to an exciting, interesting conference, and I hope that many new contacts will be formed, so that the network of Korean alumni of German universities will be further strengthened – both among the alumni and with their former host institutions in Germany.

Hwang-Sik Kim

President ADeKo Alumni Network e.V.

Dear Excellencies, Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am delighted to announce the 10th Joint Korean-German Conference, held from the 17th to 19th of October in the city of Aachen. This year’s conference is following the guiding theme of “Engineering for our Future!”, capturing the spirit that has led German and Korean industries to innovation-based achievements in key technologies. In order to follow this lead, we will be honoured to have a variety of speakers present contributions in four core areas: Energy for our future, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities and Infrastructure and Future Mobility.

This unique opportunity to listen, talk and exchange is not only a hallmark of the 10th Joint Korean-German conference, but also of the 10th anniversary of ADeKo, the Alumni Network Germany Korea. Through its work and event organization, ADeKo is committed to promote mutual understanding between Germany and Korea as we aim to increase cooperation and exchange. Our mission is to essentially fuel the development of both of our nations for their continuous innovational growth and future competence. Hosting the 10th Joint Korean-German conference in combination with the celebration of our 10-year anniversary makes ADeKo and me proud and happy to have you all join in on this historical event in the beautiful innovative city of Aachen.

The conference is made possible through the successful cooperation and partnership with, as well as sponsorship from, many global leaders of technological breakthroughs. And our co-host RWTH Aachen University is not only one of Germany’s leading institutions of higher education in the field of technology, but righteously enjoys a worldwide reputation as an innovation hub. Aachen itself is an eminent place of history, while the RWTH university campus shows us the degree of modernity and innovation in this city in the middle of Europe.

Just like this conference, the future of German and Korean collaborative achievements will be based on our bonds and on our combined efforts. I wish to express my sincere gratitude towards all of you who generously and efficiently help to make this conference the success it will surely become. To each organizing party, each partner, each speaker, each conference participant and each guest: We would not have been able to organize the conference without any of you. Just like the cooperation between Germany and Korea strives because of our collaborative efforts, the passion that will be brought together at the conference helps us all to unite and create a meaningful foundation for achieving the goals of cooperation and development. I hope and am sure that our gathering in Aachen will make all of you feel inspired and excited and prepare our minds to be challenged in the wake of the engineering of our future.

Thanks to all of you. It is a pleasure and an honour to have each and everyone of you in on this endeavour. Many of you will travel great distances to be with us. It reminds us how significant this event and the cooperation between Korea and Germany is.

Dr. Bum-Goo Jong

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Germany

I sincerely congratulate ADeKo (Alumninetzwerk Deutschland-Korea) for its 10th Joint Korean-German Conference, scheduled to be held in the German historic but cutting edge technology city, Aachen, in October and am very pleased to welcome all participants to this important conference.

ADeKo has made a significant contribution to the development of bilateral relations since its establishment in 2008, particularly by promoting intensive exchange and cooperation in science, technology, and innovation between Korea and Germany. Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH Aachen University), one of the most excellent technical universities in the world, has turned out a great many talented men including Koreans. Its Korean alumni are actively working in a variety of fields in Korea. I am confident that this year’s ADeKo-RWTH Joint Conference will also give a further vigorous impetus to strengthening such fruitful cooperation between the two countries.

Facing the tide of digitalization and energy transition, which brings fundamental changes in the current socio-economic system, Korea and Germany are eagerly developing and implementing strategies for dealing with the challenges and opportunities posed by these transformations. Germany, the global leader in the Industry 4.0 and Energiewende, and Korea, an active innovator with its high level of ICT, are thus destined to be ideal partner for collaboration to achieve positive synergy, and can work hand in hand for their mutual benefit in various crucial fields as shown in the main topics of this conference.

Certainly the ADeKo-RWTH Joint Conference will be one of important driving forces for realizing the future-oriented cooperation potential of our two countries. In this sense, I would like to add a phrase “Closer Cooperation for our better Future” to the conference title “Engineering for our Future”, and express my heartfelt gratitude to Hwang-Sik Kim, President of ADeKo, and Prof. Dr. Ernst Schmachtenberg, Rector of RWTH Aachen University, for their efforts and support to organize this invaluable cooperation platform.

Thank you very much!